Japan Marks 69th Anniversary Of Hiroshima Bombing - Yahoo News

October 24, 2014

To achieve the goal, Abe's Cabinet revised its interpretation of the country's war-renouncing celebrities tapes constitution, making it even more controversial. Abe, among dignitaries attending the http://nicolasxlah.kazeo.com/are-kim-kardashian-and-kanye-west-living-apart-already- event, said that as the sole country to have suffered nuclear attacks, Japan has the duty to seek to eliminate nuclear weapons. But he did not mention his push for a more assertive defense posture under his "proactive peace contribution" policy. Public polls show more than half of the Japanese are opposed to the decision, mainly because of sensitivity over Japan's wartime past. Matsui did not directly refer to Abe's recent change to the interpretation of the pacifist Article this website 9, which is the cornerstone of Japan's pacifist pledge to the world. But he said the pacifist constitution is what has kept Japan out of war for 69 years.
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