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October 22, 2014

PHOTOS: 'Dancing's' Derek Hough "For me, the essence of the book that I wanted to try and capture was a phrase that I heard that I absolutely love and it's, 'What if the world wasn't happening to you, but is happening for you.' And I look at those experiences and reflect on them and thinking like, 'What could I have learned from that?'" Derek said. "I almost have more compassion for the guys and why they felt like they had to overpower somebody. And also, not just young kids, but adults as well -- why does somebody feel like they have to overpower somebody and bully them and put them down?" Derek explained his philosophy on what bullying really means. WATCH: Derek Hough Talks Emmy Nomination & New Book "Power over others is weakness in disguise. Something's going on," he said. "They're not really happy with themselves, because if you're truly like, happy with who you are, then you're only gonna give love, you're only gonna just share that and give it out," he said. Derek's new book also includes details about his life in London as a youngster with sister, Julianne Hough. When Access Hollywood Live's Kit Hoover asked about the siblings' closeness, Derek said it is due to a variety of things, including being together official site so far from home. "I write about it in the book and talking about our adventures in London and you know, moving there at a young age.
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